Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ATBP: Ang Diary ng Lolo Ko (part 2)

PAUNAWA: Wala po munang hula scoop ngayon dahil sa pagbibigay galang sa Holy Week na ipinagdiriwang taon-taon sa Pilipinas.

Narito po muli ang karugtong ng diary ng lolo ko na nilathala ko nang nagdaang araw.



From that memorable moment, the flame of friendship kindled between us. We resume our purpose on way to the portals of learning. Then by gradual process, as if by Nature's influence I have felt the darts of Cupid's Arrow creeping in my heart. That is, I learn to love her of which I did not know. Of course, in our companionship, I found her as a true, loving and kind friend of mine. She is simple both in dress and in manners. That is the real type of girl I admire. She is always kind to me and so I tried all my best helping in her studies. To me, I always find courage in my hardships in giving what is for her happiness. Frequently, she used to ask me for my assistance in writing compositions pertaining to her studies and I, who really care for her tried my very best efforts in her behalf. No matter I remain till midnight, still I am very happy sacrificing for it.

Day by day, the intense heat of my sincere affection toward her ever glowed within the inner core of my heart. But I did not dare to tell her yet for fear that it might disturb her studies--- the very thing I mostly care for her to continue. So I have kept loving her in SILENCE. When often times we used to meet, she always throw a bit of pretty smile upon me which filled my hungering heart with enthusiasm and joy! Oh my--!


Sooner, our friendship ripened to love and I could no longer endure the bitter pangs of Silence! Yes, I love her so dearly in my heart that I could not refrain myself from keeping this secret any longer. So I am prompted to pen her a letter in order that she may know how I really care for her. Oh! If she just know that I love her sincerely, Oh, how sweet to be in love!

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  1. Aaah...your lolo was really a wonderful writer, lalo na kapag mahahaba ang entries. In-love nga talaga sya dahil mararamdaman mo talaga ung pighati, galak at intensity ng sulat nya.

    "...the intense heat of my sincere affection toward her ever glowed within the inner core of my heart".

    O db?

    Nakakabilib talaga sya.