Friday, April 24, 2009

Ang Diary Ng Aking Lolo- Part 5

Dahil sa kami ay gagala bukas ay di muna ako makakapanghula kaya hinahayaan ko muna si Lolo ang maging bida sa blog ko. Sa mga sumusubaybay, narito muli si Lolo....dumidiga na talaga!!!

Panuto: Ang mga binabanggit na mga lugar sa diary ay naganap lahat sa Pampanga, mekeni kasi si Lolo, "cabalen (kabayan) potang bengi (mamayang gabi)..... matudtod naka (matulog ka na)"...hahaha yan lang yata alam ko na pangungusap sa kapampangan. Pota na nga bengi pa hahaha.

PAHABOL: Chineck ko ang nakalagay sa diary, "May 9, 1929" may total solar eclipse ngang nakatala mula sa NASA, pakikalabit ako ay hindi ako...."ito o."


Jan. 1

NEW YEAR MORNING-- I went to her store and gave the GIFT OF WHITE STOCKING to her. No one was with her. She told me that she spent the New Year in her barrio that is why we did not see her in Betis.

March 26, Tuesday Night

HER GRADUATION-- How happy am I to see her among the graduates of the Seventh Grade! How beautiful and elegant she is to me at that very night! After the program, I accompanied her on way home. She is with Feliciana and Rosario. I joked her by looking on her certificate, but to my disappointment, she refused to show it and even acted so differently. she does not understand that it was only my LAMBING to her at that very glorious night of her's. She left us and went ahead. How disconsolate I am! "Talagang ala cung cusuelu atang mumuli."

March 28 Night

SAINT THURSDAY-- I did not see her at all.

March 29

GOOD FRIDAY NIGHT--I saw her Grandma with small children but Dearest was not with them perhaps she stayed in the Barrio.



March 31, Sunday at 11:00 A.M.

BAPTISM IN HER HOME: My cousin and I are invited to attend a party in Cabalantian. On our way, I saw her conversing with Ising. They all went by cart to the barrio on the baptism of her niece. Ising is the COMADRE. Rom, Dandoy, Pio and Vicente Santos went with them. How lonely and restless am I for I was the only one who is not invited.

April 4, Morning

OUR VISIT IN HER HOME BARRIO- As I have never seen her during the Holy Week, I tried to visit her in her home barrio. Pab, Nano and I went hunting in Pangulo. We saw one of her sisters, Seriang with a basket of cleaned clothes on her head. We have never seen her home. We ate in a store only to have a chance to see her but in vain.

May 9 at 3:18 to 3:36 THE EVENTFUL ECLIPSE

June 18, Morning

HER HIGH SCHOOL COURSE: Upon arriving from the city, I am too happy to see Dearest with some of Trade School girls wearing the prescribed uniform (green). Sorrily, I returned again to the Metropolis without having even a short conversation with her. Oh what a lonely trip!

September 10

A LETTER AFTER A LONG ABSENCE: She asked me to buy a magazine for her. And reveals a secret to me telling that somebody had sent her a love letter and this is Roman.

November 16, Night

CAVISPERASAN- We didn't see each other but attended the show with her brother-in-law. I wonder she didn't tell me.

November 17, Night

OUR TOWN FIESTA: Sof, she and I attended the Drama. How enjoyable and happy I was at her side. I could feel the sweetness of love. I asked her if she received all my letters and she said she didn't receive any. The magazine was even given by her uncle, Belto. I offered oranges to her for the moment, but she didn't get any. This is the only thing I don't quite appreciate from her. We conversed about her present schooling. She said that she is still studying but late I discovered that she quit since September. So that is why when I asked her their present principal, she did not know him. I wonder she didn't let me know it. But to me, although she stopped studying, it's just the same for any how she finished her Intermediate Course already.

December 20, Night

OUR SADDEST MOMENTS: With grief in my heart, I even saw Momong and Ariston inside the store. When I bought some bread, she was with Ines but by the wink of an eye I slipped my note of precautions. I have not seen her at all attend the night masses.


  1. Nabitin na naman ako HAHAHAHA, ano na nangyari sa mga previous letter ni Lolo at bakit hindi ito natatanggap ng kanyang lav? And now ano kaya ang laman ng sulat ni Lolo? Pero tama si Lolo he witnessed the solar eclipse on May 29, 1929, nagbigay kaya ito ng swerte sa pag-ibig ni Lolo?

  2. Ung white stocking na iniregalo ni Lolo e un bang white stockings na isinusuot sa legs ng mga babae? Hmmm...ibang klase si Lolo ha.

  3. Ang sweet naman! It's so romantic :D

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  4. makapigil-hininga ang mga entry ni lolo. ka-swerte naman na naka-experience sya ng total solar eclipse. ano kaya ang susunod na kabanata?

  5. antary. part 5 na.

  6. pope- bitin ba? hehehe di ko alam kung nasaan yun letter eh, na edit na ni lolo

    nebz- malamang yun white stocking ay yun nilalagay nga sa legs yun, siguro noon puti pa at wala pang nude ang kulay hehehe

    joy- oo nga sweet si lolo hahaha

    syel- abangan ang susunod na kabanata hahaha

    joshmarie- oo nga e part 5 na, mahirap magbasa ng mahaba hula ko tatamarin ka na hahaha kaya iiskip mo itong diary ng lolo ko, di va?

  7. Talagang maganda ang kwento nitong Lolo's Diary. Kailangan kong mabasa ang part 1 para malaman ko kung paano napunta sa iyo ang diary na 'yan ng lolo mo. U