Thursday, April 9, 2009

ATBP: Ang Diary ng Aking Lolo (part 3)

PAUNAWA: Muli pong nagbabalik ang diary ng lolo ko sa ayaw at sa gusto ninyo.


Nov.16, Wednesday Morning

MY FIRST LETTER TO DEAREST- I pretended to borrow her Arithmetic book on way to school only to insert my dear letter secretly.

Nov. 18, Friday Evening

She attended the Novena. At first, I saw her and try to go with her but evidently she was lost from my sight. I tried all my best to find her but my efforts are in vain. Roman accompanied her and Oh! I was broken-hearted when I learned about this. My mind was always in distress for I cannot forget such an incident. (by Roman himself)

Nov. 20, Sunday Night

TOWN FIESTA-- I am with her and her small sisters in front of the church. Oh, I am very happy by her side conversing about sundry things. Then I tried to quiz her by asking, "Did you attend the Novena last Friday night?" she answered, "Yes, and Duman is trying to accompany me always when I don't want to be accompanied." So I then realized that he was really with her that night.

Nov.27, Night

A SECRET DISCOVERED-- Roman and I are conversing in the street. From him, I found out that they are engaged. But I don't know. She said canu, "IF YOU CAN WAIT, I CAN WAIT TO; BUT IF YOU CAN'T I MAY LOOK FOR MY OWN" And when R. wants something to tell her, he tries to whistle and she will then pretend to go to her aunt's house. Oh what a sad news is this to me, I who really care and love her.

Dec. 1, Sunday Morning

DEAREST FIRST LETTER TO ME-- I am buying bread and she handed it to me in a newspaper. Oh how my heart palpitated! I was thrilled with joy to receive her dear answer! So then I hurried home too anxious to learn its contents. The letter brought me a RAY OF HOPE. I then realized that she cares for me. She only prepares modesty rather than frankness. That is the very type of girl I appreciate. At night, I pretended to buy coffee in the store only to talk with her. She flatters me by saying, "On vacation I will stay in our barrio because of that affair. When I was there, I have never been troubled about that. I don't want to disturb my studies." I am about to answer her and convince her but her aunt suddenly entered thestore and our love talks was cut. Then I just went home.

Dec. 9, Afternoon

ON WAY TO SCHOOL: Dearest gave me a ticket for their cine benefit. At night I borrowed her prayer book for me to study. Then when she saw me in the street, she called Silia,their "ama" and let her give it to me.

Dec.10, Sunday after Mass

I tried to pay the ticket but she does not want to get the money even I put them in her hands. Oh! how she cares for me! Oh Dearie!

Dec. 24, Night

MAYTINES: Dearest went to the market and when she went home, R. accompanied her on her way home.

Dec. 28, Night

WHILE TAKING A WALK: I found R. in her store talking with her while Dandong is in front of her house waiting for him. Then to free myself from being seen, I went back and passed in the small street. Silently, I stood near the artesian hearing the conversation. He was giving her a gift but she did not want to accept it. That is what I learned on that very night.

Dec. 30, Night

IN THEIR STORE: I am conversing with her while she is MANIALUCSUC. I did not know why I feel no shame to her companions. Fear is unknown to me this time. Really, LOVE is the strongest thing on earth. Then the municipal treasurer came in and asked me to draw a picture to be used for the coming New Year. Then the next morning woke up early and accomplished the task.


  1. this is really sweet! grabe ang sweet naman ng lolo mo and detalyado halos lahat. bihira pa naman sa lalaki nagsusulat ng diary.

  2. Been following the diary of your lolo... and talagang napakagaling ng pagka document nya ng kanyang luv story! Napaka sweet!

    May pinagmanahan ka!

    Have a blessed Lent!

  3. Here's wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed Holy Week. May this season give you a chance to be together, to share your love for each other.

  4. Syet, ayos to ah! Buti nakita mo Diary nya! Dated 1927 pa itokaya sobrang interesting! Haha aww, how I miss those days! Haha LOL akala mo na experience ko yun eh noh.

    It's really funny to know how yung mga napaka simpleng bagay makakadulot na agad ng kakaibang kasiyahan! Nakakakilig naman to!


  5. syel- salamat sa muli mong pagdalawa, oo nga bihira nga sa mga lalaki ang nagda diary pero ang lolo ko ang dami niyang diary sayang di ko kinuha lahat hehehe, sweet nga siya through his diary mas nakilala ko siya

    NJ of Desert Aquaforce- salamat sa pagsubaybay ng diary ng lolo ko hehehe, sweet nga niya no? kakainggit ngek mana ba ako sa lolo ko? sweet ba ko? hahaha thank you pero di ko na mana ang magsulat ng diary hehehe pag nagsusulat ako ng diary nang maliit ako yun mga sama ng loob ko nilalagay ko pero after nun pupunitin ko rin hahaha

    JessQ- thanks for dropping by, balik ka uli

    halfcrazy- oo nakita ko diary ng lolo ko noong maliit pa ako at tinago ko lang at dinala pa nga sa US eh hehehe tapos nga nilagay ko pa sa friendster ko, sa homepage ko at ngayon dito na hahaha, pinapasikat ko kasi lolo ko baka madiscover hahaha

  6. Gagi ma discover yan ng kung sino man! Baka nga kunin pa yan pang exhibition eh! Maraming matutuwa diyan for sure.

  7. Kapag in-love talaga, noon man at ngayon, ganuon pa rin ang pakiramdam. Umiikot lamang ang mundo sa kung sino ang minamahal. Haaay, pag-ibig.

    Eighty years ago pa ang entry pero parang kahapon lang nangyari.