Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ang Diary ng Aking Lolo- Part 6

Pansamantala muna akong magpapahinga sa panghuhula, dahil sa hinaharap kong masalimuot na buhay. Muli ko pong sinisingit ang diary ng lolo ko dito sa blog habang ako ay nagmumuni-muni. Pangako po na babalik kaagad ako at di makakatiis na hindi magpopost, mga ilang araw lang at bibisita pa rin sa inyong mga blog.....promise! hehehe

LARAWAN: Muli kong binabalik ang larawan na ito na kasama ko si Lolo kasama ang tatay at pinsan ko.



Jan. 3

IN THE RICEFIELDS: Pab. happened to see Dearest and Seriang catching Camaro. He told her about the letter I asked him to give and she replied, "Yugse mune o caya dulucan me." It surprised me much to hear such words from her. Later, I found out that she feels jealous of me for I sometimes write to Sister Seds. But what does she gets jealous of when I don't even court her. But with this, I could prove how much she cares for me because Mild Jealousy is the only symbol of a true and divine love.

Jan. 4

IN THE STORE: Pab. pretended to buy thread only to give my letter to her. She was washing clothes. He told her it is a GIFT so she replied. Dirinan mu cung aguinaldu acu eraca man aririnan."

Jan. 30

IN MANILA: I have known that she oftentimes go to the cine. Oh how it breaks my heart! Ever snce I have known her, I have never seen her going to shows and now she is cultivatng this habit? No! for me, this cannot be. I cannot allow her for this as I dearly love her. If we are both at home, I can permit it but not when we are far from each other like this. So I have written her a letter in order that she can avoid it. (By Pabling)

Feb. 12, In the Office

HER FIRST LETTER FOR THE YEAR: She suspects me for loving Seds when really I have never even thought such thing. I have been writing her but they are nothing at all. She plans to attend the carnival. Oh how happy I am to be with her in the city. But after all, she was unable to come.

April 17, Night

HOLY THURSDAY: I met Dearest in the street going to see the procession. But I did not accompany her because her aunt Deliang is with her. In the course of the procession in front of the market I am behind her. How beautiful is her to me with the sweet sampaguitas around her neck.I wonder who gave them to her. I was about to give my letter, but I had no chance.

April 18

GOOD FRIDAY NIGHT: During the procession, I am behind her both in front the Palma and in the market. She is with her aunt, mother and sister. I am trying to hand secretly my note but Momong and Loriano are at her back. When she saw me, she uttered, "Tutu na mang malisangan," then they went away. She knew my feelings. When our eyes met again, I winked at her and she knows already. In going home, I held her hand and gave the note. Due to her companions we did not have the time to talk of our affairs. As soon as I have given the note, I left them already. The next morning, Pab found a part of the note in the street.

April 19

SABADO DE GLORIA: She spent it in her barrio. I was in Mariong's house awaiting for them to pass but they did not pass. I think they went there very early. And so I am unable to be with her in Pangulo. The following Monday, they returned to town.

April 20, Sunday Afternoon

I found Dodong and Pepe inside the store. They even stay late at night. I then realized their purpose. So I have always watched them closely by staying Seding's house and by taking a walk very frequenlty at night.

April 24, Afternoon

IN THEIR STORE: I found her alone so I had a little talk with her. I gave a note of advices. She told me that she does not go down at night. She said to me what her mother says about me. She asks her if I am the one courting her and if so, why do I not come in the house. What a fine idea it is. She is not like her aunts. Then I held her hand and bade her goodbye for I have to return again to the city and how lonely I feel.

April 25, Afternoon

I saw Dodong in the store having a fine conversation with Dearest. Dearest is Manialucsuc. Then I went inside and pretended to buy cigarettes only to hand my letter. Sooner, her guardian aunt came and I could not give it.

April 27, Sunday Morning

AFTER THE MASS: Because we have a compromise to meet each other, she awaited me after the mass. She is with Sof. I then give the pictures. I thought I could not see her so I accompanied the procession a little. Then I decided to go home and luckily, I found her awaiting for me.

October 6, Monday

DEAREST AFFLICTIONS WITH HER AUNT INES: While she was busily cleaning the floor of the big house, the daughters of Ines tried to scatter the rice of the floor which made her angry. She told them to go away but aunt Ines heard her words. Then altercation between them followed thus provoked her to the extreme anger. Then Aunt Arang intervened and wanted her to be beaten. and she responded, "Uli mong queti ya i Tomas napun, misna naco daraptan a maroc. Silung barugan yu cu dapot agiang di apu cu at i Tatang cu era cu babarugan. Dapot enacu man muli queta cari Inang cu nune maquisawa cu.." When they heard such words, they tried to comfort her, by buying somethings for her.

(Sardonyx: Pasensiya na at di ko maintindihan ang capampangan at di ko rin maisalin sa tagalog masyadong malalim, pero napansin ko wala nga silang "h" hehehe)

Novemebr 1st, Night

ALL SAINT'S DAY: I was not able to converse with her regarding our affair. I did not also dared to accompany her so as to avoid her aunts' safe-guarding from me.

November 2nd, Night

SECOND NIGHT: I lose the chance to converse with her as her aunt Deliang was always with her. When we went to see the tomb of my Grandpa, she approached them thus interrupting our conversation. When they were buying something from the Chinese store, I stood near her and her aunt asked her to hurry up just because of me. With a broken-heart, I left them simply and at 5:00a.m. I returned to the city with a broken-heart and loneliness.

November 5, Wednesday

I sent her some chocolate candies as Birthday presents from me and according to her, she ate only one.

November 16

OUR TOWN FIESTA: This is the only time I did not go home for it was not celebrated well. There was only the procession and Dearest attended it with her aunt Ines. Cheding, Susing and Pab met them at the front of the church. When it was already late at night, her aunt Ines asked her to go with her to hear the soronata but she was already fast asleep. So they did not proceed anymore. (by faithful Pab)


  1. Love Diaries?! Huhmn. Noong nasa bakasyon ako ay marami 'ata akong na-miss! Ang Lolo's Diary part 1 to 5.

    Dapat pala simulan ko ito sa 1. Ang kapangyarihan nga naman ng pag-ibig, talaarawan at blogging... Kapag nagsama lalong nagiging malakas!

  2. Nagbabasa ako, paputol putol pero medyo nagworry lang ako sa sinabi mong masalimuot na buhay.

    "dahil sa hinaharap kong masalimuot na buhay"

    Whatever it is Sardz, we pray that things will be alright and God bless you.

  3. I enjoyed very much your lolo's diary... the 6th in the series.

    Very colorful ang pagka narrate ng lolo mo pati ung pagseselos at pagbibigayan ng kanilang mga love letters.

    that diary is worth keeping and passing on to the next generations of your clan.

    It really makes me think how will our "grandchildren" do with the emails and ecards that this generation has.

  4. super sweet talaga si lolo, promise! detalyado talaga sayang mahirap mag-translate. :)

    anuman ang hinaharap mo'ng masalimuot, nawa ay malampasan mo ito ng maayos :D

  5. Sa kabila ng masalimuot na buhay na iyong kinakaharap, nawa'y natagpuan mo ang pag-ibig at kapayapaan sa iyong kasalukuyang pagmumuni-muni.

    Di ko akalain na selosa rin naman pala si Lola Dearest, at naku ha, kahit pala nuong 1930, uso na ang pagbibigay ng chocolate candies sa minamahal.

    Life is Beautiful.

  6. Atche Sards - Whatever it may be I pray and hope that everything will be fine. Thank you sa update sa Diary ni Lolo...


    Yugse mune o caya dulucan me – Itapon mo na or sunugin mo na

    Dirinan mu cung aguinaldu acu eraca man aririnan – binibigyan mo ako ng aguinaldo pero ako hindi naman kita nabibigyan

    Tutu naman malisangan – Napakainit

    Manialucsuc – tagos to the bone or nag tatago

    Uli mong queti ya i Tomas napun, misna naco daraptan a maroc. Silung barugan yu cu dapot agiang di apu cu at i Tatang cu era cu babarugan. Dapot enacu man muli queta cari Inang cu nune maquisawa cu

    Dahil ba nandito si Tomas kahapon, ang sama na ng iniisip nyo. Sige paluin nyo ako kahit na ang lolo or lola (apu means lolo or lola) at pati na si tatay ko hindi ako pinapalo… dapat hindi na ako uuwi kila Nanay ko kaso mag aasawa ako…

    Take Care & God Bless Atche!!!

    mwah mwah mwah

  7. Hindi ko sya binasa. Paano kasi bothered ako dun sa line na 'masalimuot'...

    Whatever is that that besets you know, God will see you through...

  8. TO ALL: Muli po akong nagbabalik, sabi ko naman sa inyo sandali lang naman ang pagmumuni-muni ko, ang sagot sa problema ay....hula-scoop ko hehehe

    kaya erase-erase na ang mga masalimuot na yan at ok na po ang lahat, basta panalangin lang sa Ama ang katapat niyan.

    Sa mga nagcomments narito po ang aking replies:

    RJ- marami ka na ngang namiss, baka tamarin ka lang na basahin ang mga yan hehehe kaya ok lang kung di mo magets

    Mr. Thoughtskoto- ok na po ako, kaya don't worry at meron na rin akong entry sa PEBA sana may magnominate hehehe

    NJ- oo nga seloso pala ang lolo ko hehehe at maganda yun next series abangan mo

    syel- salamat sa worry pero ok naman ako, eto humihinga pa rin hehehe, ang sweet nga ni lolo pero seloso no

    pope- ok na po ako; ay oo nga selosa rin si lola hahaha, naku sa kanila yata ako nagmana hahaha sa next series mabibigla kayo, kaya abangan mo

    crazypinay- salamat sa pag-alala; uy salamat ng marami sa translation, ayan may taga translate na ako sa next series ng diary ni lolo; ang galing! thanks sa pagsubaybay ha

    nebz- uy wag ka na mag-alala ok na po ako, hulascoop lang talaga ang katapat ng masalimuot na yan kaya basahin mo na yun part 6 no hahaha